It was a feeding program with the aim to feed children and to ensure that they receive the aim to feed children and to ensure that they receive full education:

  • School-based helminths control(deworming)
  • Micronutrient supplementation
  • Nutrition Education
  • Hygiene and sanitation educations

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Water is essential, the single based way to save a Childs life is to prevent diseases and provide water free of parasites and other contaminants -ESL regularly caries capacity building for the OVC’s to ensure they treat water for use and maintains high standards hygiene.

The program does the following

  • Giving sanitary towels to orphaned and vulnerable girls in disadvantage areas who can’t afford them and have to skip schools every month
  • Cleaning cities, collecting garbage to reduce diseases
  • Provision of water storage equipment’s, water access points: boreholes, sand-dams and wells
  • Pitching available medical camps.
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Feeding a hungry stomach and mind is just as important. That’s why your health is needed to provide nourishing food and school supplies for orphans and vulnerable children. Join ESI and commit to nourishing both the minds and bodies for children in need across Kenya and the world.


The “Kaa shule campaign” helps students stay in school by providing them with school supplies, personal care items and school full uniform.

Children need education today to have hope for a better tomorrow.

You can make a difference in the life of one child when you join the campaign” Kaa shule campaign”

We should work close with the teachers to know that without the right tools for learning, children face overwhelming--- Because they are so passionate about helping orphaned and vulnerable children, many reaches into their own pockets to provide educational materials for their students, but the costs can be staggering.

Join the KAA SHULE CAMPAIGN through:

  • a child’s education
  • Giving school items: stationary & school uniforms
  • Volunteer teaching service
  • Giving sports items for extra-curriculum activities
  • Volunteer in capacity building for teachers.


Through knowledge management, education supplements international offers capacity development for the OVC’S care givers. The organization does this through:

  • Hold training workshops on finical empowerment and management.
  • Have consultative meetings with already established financial institutions.
  • Hold training workshops for the community representatives from youth, women, religion and marginalized groups on livelihood empowerment.
  • Holding trainings on Agri-business activities
  • Training of trainer’s community stakeholders on social-economic empowerment.
  • Train and acquire materials ton pilot diversifications of resilient livelihood initiatives such as beekeeping, small livestock and local and indigenous crop varieties.

ESI Financial Schemes

ESL believes in “Umoja Ni Nguvu” thus introducing the financial schemes to the OVCs caregivers to ensure that they get access to:

  • Financial welfare association
  • Table banking methods
  • Mary go round
  • Savings and credit to co-operative societies

The scheme upholds the spirit of savings and loaning within the community by making available various loaning and saving products which ensure the guardians are economic empowerment.

Under this, we do work with Menegai village women who turned to Tilapia farming a project that was an initiative of ESI. The women group create ponds and grow fish to produce cash crops that would boost family incomes thus improve their livelihoods.

The ESI financial schemes also build cow sheds for zero grazing for its member to ensure that they get high quality milk produce. The groups also do poultry farming of sell and consume so as to become economically sustainable.

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